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With our medical transcription and auto-fax system, you can send your letters straight from your PC.  With just a few clicks of a mouse, your correspondence is sent.  No more printing letters and stuffing envelopes.  Your letterhead is scanned into our system and is included on anything you choose.  With auto-faxing, you no longer need to print out letters and send them the old fashioned way; just fax them instead.  This saves you the expense of stationery, postage, ink, envelopes, and time.  You may never have to buy expensive letterhead again!

Efficient Document Management

Everything is all in one place and easily accessible by just a few clicks of the mouse with our medical transcription system.  The moment the transcription is done, it is sent right back to you.  Documents and voice files are archived to access as needed.

Sort documents by physician, office, patient name (first or last), date of service, or medical record numbers.  You can view or edit documents right from the Physician’s Portal.  Completed documents can be sent for printing or faxing or downloaded to your PC. You choose who in your office can access the system and what they are allowed to do.

If you are already set up with EMR, the reports can go right into your electronic chart.  If you are not set up with EMR yet, using our digital system will not only make your current transcription management system more efficient, it will make the transition to EMR much easier. Any documents done through our digital system can be imported into your electronic chart, eliminating the need to scan in old dictation.


Transcription the "Old Fashioned Way"

If you are not ready to take your documents digital just yet, we have the option of transcribing in MS Word or Word Perfect and returning the documents to you via e-mail, FTP, or fax.  If you ever decide to change over to the digital option, we will help make your transition go smoothly.