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Dictation Your Way

Smart-Phone, Call-in, or Digital Recorder.  The choice is yours.

Dictation has never been easier.  Turn your iPhone™, iPad™, or iPod Touch™ into a secure dictation device--it's fast and easy! Just download our free App, and you will be able to dictate using the simple controls, including the ability to insert dictation anywhere in the file. Your schedule is displayed on your screen, and each patient’s status can be ascertained at a glance, letting you know whether they have been dictated on or not.  Simply tap on the patient you want to dictate for and record.  The dictation is sent directly to us.  No docking involved.  The dictation is sent to us as soon as it is done.  There is no need to hold dictation on your recorder until you have a chance to connect to a PC.   Just say it and send it.

A digital handheld recorder for dictation works easily, as well.  When you connect it to your PC after dictation is complete, the voice files are sent to us automatically.  There is no longer any need to manually download the dictation files and send them as attachments by email or FTP, saving you steps.  The transcribed reports are sent back to you to access through the Physicians Portal the moment they are done.


If phone-in dictation is your preference, each doctor is assigned a unique PIN number for secure dictation from any touch-tone phone.  This service is included at no extra charge, so it will always be available and can be used as a backup if a digital recorder or other device is not readily available.