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AFP and EMR 

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

EMRs are great, but inputting all that data is time consuming.  That means the physician either has to work more hours or see less patients.  Either way, that costs money.

According to AMA Chairman Steven Stack, M.D., “Simply stated, many EHRs [EMRs] are not friendly to the user and rather than improving physician efficiency, they are a widespread source of frustration.”  Dr. Stack goes on to note, "Government and private payers are requiring more and more specific data, quality reporting elements, and specialized reporting be collected in the EHR. Capturing and entering all this data takes time and can elevate the intensity of service." 

If you are already using an EMR system, using our service in conjunction with it will enhance your notes and save time.  Dictation maintains the individuality of a patient note, allowing the physician to more accurately reflect the encounter.  Notes will not be denied payment for being too alike.  Dictating can actually save time over hunting and pecking through the drop-down menu, thus allowing for more physician-patient interaction and also the ability to see more patients.  Instead of manually entering the data, the physician can choose to dictate parts of the patient note or the note in its entirety.  The dictated note is transcribed accurately and quickly and will be sent into the electronic chart.* Combining dictation with EMRs enables physicians to take advantage of both clinical documentation options.  Dictating notes with AFP allows for a more efficient use of the EMR without sacrificing personalization of either the encounter or the note.

If you have not yet made the transition to an EMR, using our service will make your record keeping more efficient and put you one step ahead should you decide to go to EMR.  You will be able to find notes easily and store them or print them as you wish.  AFP will work with your EMR provider so that any notes in the system can be moved seamlessly into the proper chart when your EMR system is set up.  This will save hours and hours of having to scan notes into your system.  Of course, if you choose not to make the transition to EMR, using our system as a standalone transcription portal will improve your current method of transcription.


*AFP transcription does NOT require access to your EMR.